Monday, March 14, 2011

Online Boutique Industry in Malaysia - How It Started

Online boutiques in Malaysia seems to be the in thing now. 1 in 10 friends of mine has a blog selling clothes online. Their blogs sell everything from clothes, handbags, fashion accessories - most which are not locally available. That could be the reason why many Malaysians prefer to buy from online boutiques.

Our craze with drama shows from Korea, Japan and Taiwan ignited our obsession with their fashion style. However it is almost impossible to find retail boutiques in the Klang Valley selling clothes from these countries. With the craze over their idols and the need for certain groups of people to project a unique fashion style, it wasn't too long before someone decided that they should start importing clothes and sell online.

Why online? It is cost effective, much easier to set up, more accessible and most importantly, convenient. A startup blog can earn  as much as RM 200 a day in the first month of operation. That is indeed good money. Once the news start to spread, more people especially students or housewives started exploring this concept.

This is how I thought the whole online boutique industry in Malaysia started. Do you have another theory?