Tuesday, August 2, 2011

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For those who are thinking that this blog is dead, it isn't. I am writing some really good articles for all of the clothes lovers out there.

Stay tuned!

Monday, July 18, 2011

Protect Your Skin

PROTECTION, protection, protection! There can never be enough emphasis on protection from the sun's harmful UV rays. Now Elizabeth Arden has come up with a full arsenal to help you out with its Eight Hour Cream Collection, touted to be your skin's complete survival kit. The new Eight Hour Cream Targeted Sun Defense Stick SPF 50 PA+++ combines the benefits of Eight Hour Cream with intense sun protection in a sleek, targeted form. Its easy application and portability make it an active lifestyle must-have. Suitable to shield sensitive, over-exposed areas such as lips, nose, earlobes and even scars, the light-weight water and perspiration-resistant stick glides on smoothly and invisibly. There's also the Eight Hour Cream Sun Defense for Face SPF 50 Sunscreen PA+++, a lightweight, oil-free lotion for all-over face protection, Cream Intensive Daily Moisturizer for Face SPF1 5 and Cream Lip Protectant Stick SPF15. For after-sun care, the Eight  Hour Cream Skin Protectant helps. with dry and irritated sun-exposed skin. Prices range from RM75 to RM128. Available at Elizabeth Arden counters.

Firmer Contours with Shiseido's Revital Lifting Mask Science EX

Good for you if you're following a daily skincare regimen. But a mask treatment once a week can do wonders to nourish your skin. Shiseido introduces its Revital Lifting Mask Science EX, developed to help one achieve fresh, younger-looking skin. Revital's exclusive lifting fibre sheets deliver a generous amount of effective ingredients deep into the skin, while firming and lifting the overall skin with special atten-tion given to three main areas where skin tends to sag. Formulated with Cassumunar extract G, collagen complex and SC Revitalizer to lift the skin from within, the mask targets the eye, cheek and face line areas. The mask comes in two parts: one for the upper half of the face, and the lower half to cover skin from the chin to the temples to firm up the jaw line. Price: RM330 (for six packets). Available at Shiseido counters.

Improved Conditioning with the new Balancing Act Range

IS your scalp oily? Do you have hair with dry ends? Developed and tested by Charles Worthington himself, the new Balancing Act range provides hair with a full detox programme, naturally resetting oil levels. Worthington is one of London's most prolific hairdressers and has won numerous international awards. The Balancing Act Shampoo and Conditioner uses cleansing white nettle to nourish and rebalance oily roots.

White Nettle is a natural ingredient claimed to cleanse thoroughly, and rebalance oily and dry zones on the scalp. The daily conditioner for oily hair is enhanced with white nettle and rice protein, and gently conditions hair without weighing it down. The result is shiny, healthy-looking hair.

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Benefits of Running an Online Boutique in Malaysia

With my previous post, I would now like to write a post about the benefits of running an online boutique in Malaysia. Hopefully this will help prospective buyers and also boutique owners to consider an online boutique in the future.

An online boutique runs on the Internet and therefore its operating hours are round the clock. At any time a consumer would like to buy or browse clothes, they can always search for an online boutique and start shopping. Running a boutique online also helps owners reduce their workload by allowing automation. Owners do not need to be physically there for their boutique to operate.

With no business premises, employees, renovation and maintenance to pay for, an online boutique could provide clothes at a much lower price than conventional boutiques. This is not to say there aren't no cost to running an online boutique. You still need to pay the hosting costs, designers, advertising, delivery but all these costs make up only a fraction of what a conventional boutique has to pay for.

More and more shoppers in Malaysia are starting to shop online for their goods. An online boutique allows consumers to avoid jams, parking issues, crowds and all other issues to shop from the comfort of their homes. They don't even need to collect the goods as online boutiques usually delivers the purchased goods right to the door steps of consumers.

These are the 3 major benefits of running an online boutique in Malaysia. What else can you think of? Why not share with us?

The Impact of Online Boutiques in Malaysia

Ever since the past 4 years, online boutiques have been mushrooming everywhere in Malaysia. The rate of their growth is surprising and alarming as well.

Why is it alarming? Online boutiques offer a different shopping experience for the typical consumer. Brick and mortar boutiques are able to operate only during business hours whereas online boutiques operates round the clock. Not only can consumers shop all the time, they can also get their goods at cheaper prices than their traditional siblings.

These two benefits alone are causing many brick and mortar boutiques to be out of business. The boutique owners are blaming it on the rise of online boutiques and their low prices. However, online boutique owners claim that it is the failure for the conventional boutiques to move along the trend of consumers. They are defending that major clothes retailers are still doing well in the retail market because jumped onto the internet bandwagon will providing their retail services as usual.

What are your thoughts on this matter? Will online boutiques one day replace the brick and mortar boutiques?

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Body Shop & TRAFFIC to Help Wildlife

THE Body Shop, the global retail franchise of naturally inspired beauty and cosmetics products, has teamed up with TRAFFIC Southeast Asia, a wildlife trade monitoring network, to build awareness among Malaysians in relation to the importance of preserving and conserving wildlife. Dubbed "Where's My Mama?", the campaign has countless young crazy animals at heart whilst they are orphaned each day when their mothers are captured or slaughtered for their medicinal value or to be kept while pets. Besides the online campaign by TRAFFIC on its Facebook page, the organisation is providing materials to The Body Shop to draw attention to the animals at the mad that are in need of protection. The Body Shop hopes to touch the hearts of any 700,000 people who walk into its stores on a monthly basis. Its staff have been trained to disseminate information of the campaign to patrons. Rampai Niaga Sdn Bhd managing director Datin Mina Cheah-Foong said she hopes the materials will make people sit up and recognise the lost faces of the three chosen species of animals that will grace the paper bags, postcards and posters placed at The Body Shop's 58 stores at the peninsula. Rampai Niaga is the franchise holder of The Body Shop in Peninsular Malaysia. The three chosen animals are the Malayan sun bear, the Malayan tiger and the Bornean orang-utan.

"It's a kick off point to get people to consider the impact of their purchases or the animals they see kept as pets at the pet shops or at their friend's house, or the exotic meat that's being served at restaurants where they dine," she said, adding that the latest campaign was a natural progression from its previous "Save Temenggor" campaign. Cheah-Foong said the preservation of wildlife that the country is known for is merely as crucial for the tourism industry, citing the decreasing sightings of the leatherback sea turtles at the East Coast when an example of a dying charm. "Malaysia is so concerned concerning economical development, gross domestic product growth, as a first class nation that we forget that if we were to move up, we need to take everything along with us. "Where are our animals? What's happening to them? If we do not start doing something now, we will be losing a part of our heritage - not plainly for ourselves but for the whole world," she added. Stemming from The Body Shop International's policy of not testing its cosmetic products and ingredients on animals, Cheah-Foong said the latest campaign was not done as it was fashionable. "We do it since it has to be done," she said, expressing hopes that Malaysians will feel a sense of ownership towards wildlife and are moved to take action. TRAFFIC Southeast Asia regional director Dr William Schaedla said the illegal pet trade at the region is an enormous underground industry. "The public are encouraged to call the telephone number stated on The Body Shop postcards and paper bags as they spot something not right," Schaedla said. The hotline is managed by the Malaysian Conservation Alliance for Tigers - a coalition of wildlife conservation bodies.