Sunday, May 15, 2011

The Impact of Online Boutiques in Malaysia

Ever since the past 4 years, online boutiques have been mushrooming everywhere in Malaysia. The rate of their growth is surprising and alarming as well.

Why is it alarming? Online boutiques offer a different shopping experience for the typical consumer. Brick and mortar boutiques are able to operate only during business hours whereas online boutiques operates round the clock. Not only can consumers shop all the time, they can also get their goods at cheaper prices than their traditional siblings.

These two benefits alone are causing many brick and mortar boutiques to be out of business. The boutique owners are blaming it on the rise of online boutiques and their low prices. However, online boutique owners claim that it is the failure for the conventional boutiques to move along the trend of consumers. They are defending that major clothes retailers are still doing well in the retail market because jumped onto the internet bandwagon will providing their retail services as usual.

What are your thoughts on this matter? Will online boutiques one day replace the brick and mortar boutiques?

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